What do you need for a Virtual Consultation?

The Application

Zoom. I use Zoom for virtual consultations. The easiest way to prepare for a virtual consultation is to download and install the Zoom App. The App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Zoom

You do not need a Zoom account or a Zoom app. You can join a Zoom meeting from a web browser, without downloading the Zoom App. To do this, locate the meeting invite link I will send in an email. Click the join link to join the meeting at the start time. If a pop-up window prompts you to open or install the Zoom desktop client, click Cancel. Text or email me if you have problems.

If you wish to use another application other than Zoom please contact. There are several other applications that work.

A Smartphone or Tablet 

You will need a smartphone or tablet to connect to the virtual consultation. Laptops do not work for out door virtual consultations because they only have one camera. The microphone and speaker of most phones and tablets is usually adequate for this type of virtual consultation. If required, you can add a Bluetooth microphone or speaker.

Know how to Change Cameras from Front to Rear Facing on your Phone or Tablet

You also need to know how to change from the front facing camera (the one pointing at you) to the rear facing camera on the device you will be using. I recommend practicing so you know where to click to change cameras.

A strong wireless connection in your garden or orchard

It is best to turn off your connection to Wifi and use Data for the consultation. Most Wifi connections tend to become flakey as you walk outside. Without a strong wireless connection the consultationmay be difficult. 

Two people, or, one person and a tripod

One person to hold the phone and move it as required, and the other to point to specific parts of the tree under discussion. (see image). If the consultation is to be actual training, the second person will be bending and tying branches, pinching or using pruning shears. 

 A pointer with a brightly colored tip

Thi pointer does not need to be anything elaborate, a stick with a painted tip or wrapped in colored tape. This ensures that you and I are talking about the same part of your tree or branch. 


If any of these requirements are confusing please contact me by email for assistance.

This is what a consultation looks like from my end.

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