Tree Fruit Identification

Identification of fruit tree cultivar (variety) is important to some fruit tree growers and not to others. It is not important if:

  • the tree is producing fruit every year and you are happy with the amount
  • the reason you are growing the tree to be an ornamental, to hold up a rope swing, to screen out an ugly view or some other non fruit function
  • you know when the fruit are usually harvested or how to determine when they are ready to pick and don care what cultivar it is

Knowing the cultivar (variety) is important if:

  • If you are planting new trees and 
  • If you are taking over an exiting orchard (or garden) and with no prior knowledge of what other trees this one cross pollinates with or when the fruit are likely to ripen
  • if you are having pollination difficulties

What is the difference between a cultivar and a variety: In short, a cultivar is a plant that is produced and maintained by horticulturists
but does not produce true-to-seed; whereas, a variety is a group of plants withina species that has one or more distinguishing characteristics and usually producestrue-to-seed.

A “cultivar” is a cultivated variety of a species. It is reproduced from a single individual in such a way (usually asexual propagation) that traits can be kept.

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