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My Virtual Advising Desk. Home office Langley British Columbia 2023
Virtual Fruit Tree Advisor Home Base
Richard Hallman

Take me into your orchard in your smartphone or tablet

Some of the topics I can assist you with

  • Frequently asked questions: usually require 10 – 20 min
    • Concerns about weather effects on trees and fruit
    • Cause of observed damage to trees or fruit
    • Identification of insects
    • How to use various types of insect traps 
    • Sources of supplies and equipment
    • and others
  • Management of common problems  
    • Diseases: Apple Scab, Apple Cankers, Fire Blight and others
    • Insects: Codling Moth, Apple Maggot, European Apple Sawfly and others
    • Extensive fruit drop
    • Flooding, Drainage and irrigation issues
    • Ungulate and small rodent damage
    • and others
  • New Orchard Planning
    • Virtual site evaluations
    • Soil testing advice
    • Tree nutrition – macro and micro element needs, sources and application methods
    • Rootstock and cultivar selection
    • Orchard layout
    • Harvest planning
    • Pollination planning
    • Trellis designs
    • Integrated and organic pest and disease management planning
    • Problem ungulate and rodent management strategies
  • New Orchard establishment
    • Locating trees, rootstock and scionwood
    • Planting
    • Fertilization
    • Training trees to all systems and forms
      • Tall Spindle
      • Super Spindle
      • Multi leader forms
      • V forms
    • Training for fruit production
  • Maintenance of existing orchards
    • Pruning and training for increased fruit production
    • Integrated and organic pest and disease management
    • Pruning to remove disease cankers
    • Organic pesticides and how to apply
    • Tree nutrition 
    • and more

For a reference from one of my current clients please contact:

Nick Farrer:
Founder, Bricker Cider Company Ltd.Sechelt, BC.

Cost of Services and Payment Methods

Contact me about the my new client introductory special zoom meeting


    • $25.00 Canadian (Can.) for 10 minutes virtual advice and coaching ( connected time). 
    • $25.00 Can. to evaluate, markup and respond to each image sent to me.
    • Recorded video of virtual consultations posted password protected for you on Vimeo is $25.00 Can.


    • You will be invoiced after the consultation.
    • All fees must include your provincial GST/HST
    • Payments are via Interac e-transfer
    • Fees for Gift Consultations are the same as above

Gift Consultations available


Consultation Request Form: Only Availalbe in British Columbia

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