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Virtual Fruit Tree Consulting and Coaching

Now offering full virtual consulting and coaching services for fruit tree gardeners, home orchardists and commercial orchardists. These services have been developed for Canadians located in British Columbia. If you live outside British Columbia, or have questions about this service, please contact me by phone, text or email to discuss. Consultations require an email, phone number and geographic location. Fruit trees follow different timetables and experience different problems in different areas, knowing where they are growing is critical to to me being able to help you.

Virtual Consulting and Coaching Services

  • Quick Identifications and Recommendations – usually takes 10 min
    • Insects and diseases and damage from them
    • Fruit disorders not caused by insects or diseases
    • Tree disorders not caused by insects or diseases
  • ¬†Espalier fruit trees – best as a sequence of several coaching sessions From January to October
      • Tree shape or form selection
      • Trellis design
      • Tree selection and how to start
      • Structural tree training
      • Fruit production tree training
      • Maintenance
  • Planning, coaching and trouble shooting garden and commercial fruit tree planting/establishment:
    • Site evaluation
    • Rootstock and variety selection
    • Locating trees or rootstocks
    • Training and pruning all types and forms of fruit trees
      • Tree forms for gardens
      • Espalier
      • Orchard systems – Tall Spindle, Super Spindle, and more
    • Pruning and training for increased fruit production
    • Permanent container fruit tree culture for patios, decks, balconies and rooftops
    • Integrated and organic pest and disease management planning
    • Problem animal and bird management strategies
    • Tree nutrition – macro and micro elements
    • Irrigation and drainage planning
    • Trellis designs

Virtual consultation tools:

  • Live interactive consulting and coaching using Zoom. This works best if you take your phone or tablet into your garden or orchard. Using the rear or back camera of your phone you can show me your trees so we can discuss them as though I was there.¬†

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