Getting started with your first espalier tree

The following are examples of topics I can assist with. Contact me by email to to discuss your plans and if a virtual consultation would be helpful.
  • How to select a tree shape or form
    • 2D Espalier Forms
    • 3D Espalier Forms
    • Other Pedestrian Forms
    • Commercial Espalier Forms
  • Do I need a trellis?
  • What type of trellis is best
    • Attached to fence or building
    • Posts and wire 
    • Free standing 
    • Custom trellises for existing trees 
  • Best types of fruit trees to start with
  • Cultivars – how to choose from the thousands available
  • Rootstocks – which are best for various situations
  • What form of trees
    • Whips
    • Pre-trained grafted espaliers
    • Converting any tree you find at a nursery into an espalier
    • Converting older established trees into an espalier
  • How to plant and care for your first tree
  • Fertilization
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