Site Goals

Richard Hallman
  1. To have fun.

  2. To share my passion for growing fruit trees, especially training espalier fruit trees.

  3. To connect with and learn from fruit tree enthusiasts around the world.

  4. To provide temperate fruit tree enthusiasts with readily available evidence and experience based tree training advice and coaching, virtually in their garden, home orchard or commercial orchard.

  5. To ensure the virtual advice I provide results in fruit tree growers achieving their fruit tree vision.

  6. To ensure that everyone who connects with this website and my services learns the importance of evidence based information and advice. 

  7. To refute incorrect anecdotal information and recommendations that mislead, cause fruit tree growers to loose time, and money. Time lost can be years.

  8. To ensure the virtual advice I provide is focused and delivered in as short a time as possible. 

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