Richard Hallman

My Primary Credential

Thousands of interactions with and provision of reliable advice to commercial orchardists in British Columbia.  Their acceptance of my advice requires their trust in my knowledge, experience,  competence and judgement.  There is no room for wrong advice.

Owner - Fruit from Trained Trees - 2013 - Today

A small business providing reliable virtual fruit tree advice to fruit tree growers. Specializing in expert fruit tree training producing spectacular and productive trees. 

This business is based on my:

  • Extensive experience 
  • Knowledge of evidence-based fruit tree science
  • Ability to translate the science into practical solutions
  • Strong ethics and high level of professionalism 

Extensive Experience

Orchards of the Creston Valley of British Columbia where I was based for 21 years. An area with high rainfall, many opportunities and challenges.
Orchards of the Creston Valley of British Columbia where I was based for 21 years. An area with high rainfall, many opportunities and challenges.

I grew up on a orchard in the Okanagan Valley and spent summers working in various areas of fruit tree science at the Summerland Research Station of Agriculture Canada.

My services are based on 40 years experience advising and problem solving for commercial and home orchardists across British Columbia.  

Initially I was employed as field service for a tree fruit cooperative in Kelowna followed by 28 years as an Extension Horticulturist with the BC Ministry of Agriculture and 3 years at the British Columbia Innovation Council (now Inovate BC) 

The services I provide virtually to British Columbia orchardists are the same as those the professional horticulturists and field service provide in areas with large concentrations of orchards such as the Okanagan Valley and Central Washington.

BSc. Ag 1974 - Plant Science

University of British Columbia – Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (now Faculty of Land and Food Systems)

Computerized Apple Scab and Codling Moth Monitoring Equipment Introduction - 1983

Introduced the first computerized Apple Scab Infection period monitoring device in British Columbia orchards. This Reuter Stokes field unit also kept track of degree days for prediction of Codling Moth emergence.

The first computerized Apple Scab Monitor in BC 1983

Manager of the 'Creston Valley Tree Fruit Industry Development Study' 1991- 1994

This was a full industry options project, a pilot project for the planned much larger project to be delivered in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys. The project work done by consultants. A copy of the final report can be found in the University of British Columbia Library.

Developed and Managed 'Tree Fruit Online' -1990 -1994

Tree Fruit Online Bulletin Board 1994

Designed and built a pre-internet Computer Bulletin Board providing technical tree fruit information to commercial orchardists across British Columbia via multiple free 1-800 phone lines. Another project of the Okanagan Valley Tree Fruit Authority.

Co-founder of Kootenay Internet Services - 1995

An early Internet Services Provider for the Creston Valley. I was one of three co-founders. More than a weekend job! My wife Deb save me by managing the office and customer services. This was bleeding edge Internet. The signal came in by microwave and the business operated a bank of dial up modems.

Manager of Agricultural Innovation and then Director of Life Sciences - 2008 - 2011

For Innovate BC (when I was employed there it was the British Columbia Innovation Council), a BC Crown Corporation that facilitates the commercialization of new technologies developed in academic institutions and the private sector. In these roles, amoung many other initiatives,  I lead the development of the Commercialization of Agricultural Technologies (CAT) contest for BC Agricultural businesses. 

Master Gardener Instructor 2011 - 2014

I instructed part of the Vancouver Master Gardener Training program. The sections I taught were Pruning and Plant Propagation.

Tree Fruit Gardening Workshop Instructor 2013 - 2018

During these years I delivered more than 150 workshops, presentations and fields days for fruit tree gardeners in Southwest British Columbia. The topics included Espalier Fruit Tree Training, Growing Espalier Fruit Trees in Containers, Growing Fruit Trees on Balconies, Patios and Rooftops, Pruning Fruit Trees, Fruit Tree Grafting, Grafting for Fun, Fruit Tree Pest and Disease Control, How to Succeed with Fruit Trees and many more. Some of the locations of workshops included: UBC Botanical Garden, VanDusen Botanical Garden, Lee Valley Tools, Grow West, City of Richmond, City of West Vancouver, Vancouver Master Gardeners Association Spring Affair

Presenter at Grow West Coast Horticulture Trade Show 2016 and 2017

Grow West is the annual industry trade show of the BC Landscape & Nursery Association. It is for people employed in the industry. The presentations were:

  • Fruit Tree Pruning and Training for Arborists
  • Fruit Tree Pruning and Training for Landscapers
  • Deciphering and Solving Fruit Tree Problems in Landscapes and Gardens

Fruit Tree and Plant Health Advisor, 2014 - 2017

Art’s Nursery in North Surrey British Columbia. In this role I provided technical fruit tree advice to customers and provided pest and disease diagnosis and management across the 10+ acres of mixed nursery stock.

UBC Botanical Garden Apple Festival 2013 - 2019 and post Covid 2022

This Festival is a major fruit tree event drawing apple tree enthusiasts from all over British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest of the USA and visitors from around the world.  For the first 6 years I had an outdoor booth at this event providing apple pruning and espalier tree training advice. Whip apple trees of many antique and new cultivars grown by local propagators are sold at this event,

Teaching at the 2018 Apple Festival
Teaching at the 2018 Apple Festival
My Booth at UBC Apple Festival 2016
My Booth at UBC Apple Festival 2016

Pomologist in Residence, at the UBC Botanical Garden - 2014 - 2017

A position at the University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens. My role was to recommend a renewal program of cultivars, rootstocks and tree forms to replace the garden’s agind world class espalier fruit tree collection. This position included provide technical fruit tree culture advice to garden staff, students and the public. This espalier collection was started in the 1980’s and was well known and documented in pictures taken by visitors from all over the world. 

Richard Hallman 2016
Richard Hallman 2016
Losange Espalier form apple UBC Botanical Garden (has been removed)
Losange Espalier form apple UBC Botanical Garden (has been removed)

Certified ISA Arborist, 2014 - 2017

I became International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified to learn more about arboriculture. This certification turned out to be of little value to my fruit tree focused consulting business. Advising orchardists in BC is a Restricted practice regulated by the BC Institute of Agrologists. P.Ag. is the only recognized credential for advising orchardists in BC.

Fruit from Trained Trees 2017 - today

In 2017 I expanded my consulting/advisory roll into the development and maintenance of cider orchards in Southwest British Columbia. During Covid this business became partially virtual. in 2023 became completely virtual.

In 2023 this business has also expanded outside of British Columbia to provide virtual advice and coaching to growers of 2D and 3D espalier and similar intensive, pedestrian forms of fruit trees including current  commercial tree forms (tall spindlesuper spindle, Bi-axis, V systems and fruiting walls).

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