Bloom Time 2020

Bee on apple flower

We are in the middle of the most dramatic and rapidly changing time of year for fruit trees – bloom time. Across Coastal British Columbia blooming of apricots, peaches, Asian plums, and cherries is almost complete; European plums and Asian pears are in full bloom and European pears and apples are just starting. In some areas early apples and Bartlett pears are in full bloom. Timing varies from location to location and orchard to orchard.

Weather determines the start and how long trees stay in bloom. Warm temperatures during bloom compress the bloom time and increase bee activity resulting in improved cross pollination, particularly for apples and pears. One warm day with lots of bee activity and lots of open receptive blossoms is usually enough to pollinated a full crop. 

Trees in containers and on rooftops are a bit ahead of trees growing in traditional gardens. The arrival of blossom time is always a moving target. March 2020 was colder than usual. At Fort Langley the mean temperature for the month of March was 5.7ºC in 2020 where as it was 7.8ºC in 2019, and 6.7ºC in 2018. The cool March weather delayed bloom while the warm temperatures in April sped it up this year. 

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