2021 Blossoms are Developing on your Fruit Trees

Developing Liberty Flower Bud June 27 This image was shot a few days ago in my backyard. It is a developing blossom bud (also called a flower or fruit bud) on a Liberty Apple tree. This bud should produce blossoms in the spring of 2021. Apple and pear blossom bud induction usually occurs in June

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Apple Leaf Curling Midge

This is a serious pest of apple trees in some areas of coastal BC. It is an introduced pest from Europe first observed in Fraser Valley in the early 1990s. There are four generations per year in this area. It overwinters as pre-pupae or pupae in cocoons in the soil, and occasionally in curled leaves

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Peach Split Pit

Split Pit Peach – Hilary This is a Galaxy Peach grown in a large container in Victoria under ideal conditions. This is one of the Donut peaches. While Donut peaches were a fad a few years ago, they are now mainstream. Removing the pit from these peaches is very easy. The problem with the peach

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