How to Predict Codling Moth Emergence in your Garden or Orchard

AJC1 from UK / CC BY-SA For keen fruit tree gardeners, home orchardists and commercial orchards, accurately predicting Codling Moth emergence and when they start laying eggs is important. Due to recent warm weather in the BC Interior, Codling Moths are emerging and are about to start laying eggs. They should start emerging in Coastal

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How to Prevent Worms getting into your Apples and Pears

Organic prevention is simple with one or a few small apple or pear trees, but, it requires preparation and a bit of work. The most common and successful prevention method is to place a barrier around the fruit so Codling Moths and Apple Maggots cannot get to the fruit. These barriers are a layer of

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It’s Branch Bending Time!

Bend your branches for more fruit!  Branches growing more horizontally reduces apical dominance and produces larger future harvests. If the branches on your tree are very upright, more than 60° from horizontal, they can be bent down to a more productive angle. Branches are most flexible during warm weather when they are growing quickly as

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