Pear/Cherry Slug/Sawfly

The Pear Slug (usually call the Cherry Slug in the US) also known as the Cherry or Pear Sawfly is  a common problem throughout the South Coastal area of BC. This pest prefers to feed on pear and cherry leaves but will also feed on leaves of plum, quince and occasionally apple. The 5 mm

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First Apple Maggot Fly Trapped for 2020

This Apple Maggot Fly was trapped yesterday, July 9th, 2020. The location is in Walnut Grove, Langley just north of the Highway 1 near the 208th overpass. For more details about Apple Maggot see this post: Apple Maggots

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Apple Maggot Absent from Okanagan – FAO Update March 2020

Apple Maggot on Apple in Surrey BC – Hallman In each of 2015 and 2016 a single Apple Maggot adult was found in the Okanagan Valley of BC. Since then a lot of work has gone into control and trapping resulting in the area now being declared free of Apple Maggot, the only commercial apple

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