Currant fruit fly (gooseberry maggot)

This insect was found earlier this week in a Codling Moth trap. The question was asked is, is this an Apple Maggot. This is too early for Apple Maggot, today is May 19 and Apple Maggot are not expected till late June. It resembles the Walnut Husk Fly, but the wing pattern is wrong. So

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Insects, Mites and Disease Observed May 11 – 18, 2020

Over the last week I have come across the following problems on fruit trees at several locations in the Fraser Valley. Please reply to this list with anything you have seen on fruit trees in your area. In particular, if you are using Codling Moth traps please let me know when you make your first

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Codling Moth Biofix?

This is in response to a question on the bcfruits discussion group about Codling Moth Biofix. The following information is intended to clarify biofix, if I further complicate things please let me know. Codling Moth is one of the most studied and best understood fruit tree insects. There is a lot of information on the

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