How to tell When Commercial Apple Crops are Mature

Commercial orchardists need to know more about the maturity or their fruit: When to harvest for long term storage When to start and finish harvest to prevent loosing mature fruit dropping To plan for harvest labour To plan for harvest material and equipment To plan for storage Most commercial orchardists use all the indices that

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How to tell when your Garden Apples are Mature

Determining when to pick your apples is a perennial guessing game for most gardeners. High eating quality is usually the goal, you may also plan to make juice or cider. If you only have a few fruit and you plan to eat them fresh, the best time to pick is when they are fully mature.

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Fruit Maturity Measurement Technology

DA Meter (Turoni, Italy) Most of the maturity measuring techniques used for commercial tree fruit production are destructive, fruit is wasted. The search for easy to use non destructive fruit maturity technology for fresh fruit has been underway for a very long time. Recently, several devices to assist in determining some of the commonly used

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