Rat Tail Bloom of Pears and Apples

Secondary or ‘rat tail’ blossoms of pears are blooms that develop from new flower buds on this years growth. Mature fruit rarely develop from these blossoms. The above image of Bartlett pear was taken in mid June. Some apples also produced Rat Tail Bloom in June this year Flower buds for the main bloom that

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Pear Blister Mite 2

I got the following questions about this pest on May 20th: “Is it too late to treat the pear tree for leaf blister mite at this stage of the season(?) – with dormant oil spray to save any of the abundance of tiny pears emerging? Or is there any other thing I can do to prevent

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Limb Tapping – Pest Fun

Richard with Beating Tray When something is attacking your fruit tree (or you think it is), the most common response is to kill it. Killing method may be crushing, bagging or spraying, often without being sure if the victim caused a problem or not. One tool your can use determine the real cause is limb

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