Garden and Home Orchard BC Pest and Disease Resources

Online Home & Garden Pest Management Guide For British Columbia 2019 Edition

Chapter 2 Identification of Plant Problems

Proper identification of plant pests and diseases is an important step before attempting to control the pest. This PDF document deals with how to identify plant problems are caused by living organisms. These include damage caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, insects and other pests.

Chapter 9 Plant Disorders Not Caused by Pests (Abiotic Disorders)

Many plant disorders are not caused by living organisms and cannot be transmitted from plant to plant. This PDF document deals with these disorders sometimes called abiotic disorders, physiological disorders, or non-pathogenic disorders.

Chapter 13 Pests of Fruit Trees

This a chapter of the guide broader Home and Garden Guide. This PDF document describes insect and disease problems of fruit trees. Management information in this document describes preventative and cultural measures that may control the pest. Sometimes the management information also mentions pesticides. When more than one pesticide is mentioned, the least toxic pesticide is listed first. Before using a pesticide read and follow label directions, including the precautions, rates and days-to-harvest. See the PDF
“Pesticide Table” in Appendix I for information on available home garden pesticides. Also see Chapter 8 “Using Pesticides to Manage Pests”. It contains important safety information.

A Guide To Managing Tree Fruit Pests in the Home Garden

This is a PDF  guide providing cultural practices and recommended pesticides to control common diseases and insect pests of fruit trees in the home garden in British Columbia. The recommendations are both conventional and organic.

BC Ministry of Agriculture Tree Fruit Pests and Diseases

This is a group of BC Ministry of Agriculture articles that contain information on identification and management of insect and mite pests and plant diseases of tree fruit crops in British Columbia. 

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