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Richard pruning apples in Similkameen Valley 1977
Richard pruning apples in Similkameen Valley 1977
Richard in 2019
Richard Hallman 2019

I grew up on a small commercial orchard in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. At the age of 10 I discovered a passion for, or obsession with, the growing of fruit trees.  After a university degree and a couple of years traveling and working on fruit farms in Australia, I returned to the Okanagan Valley to work with the commercial fruit tree industry. For most of the following 30 years I was employed as a Commercial Fruit Tree Horticulture Adviser with private industry and the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture.

New Direction:

In 2011 left the world of working for someone else and set up Fruit Tree Magic. This business has been providing consulting services to a wide range of individuals and organizations in Coastal British Columbia including botanical gardens, arborists, landscapers, commercial orchards, nurseries, home orchardists and backyard gardeners. As of April 2020 consulting activities have been discontinued as I transition this business to be fully virtual.

Professional Ethic:

Information in this web site, in my newsletter and the online courses I am developing  is reliable, proven, evidence and science-based. I am often frustrated when I discover that gardeners, home orchardists and sometimes commercial orchardists have been given incorrect or misleading advice. There is lots of good information available from many reliable sources. I will often refer you to other sources that provide reliable, proven information.

Richard Hallman

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